• Retreat into yourself

    Stoic Week 2015 Day 3. Mindfulness. We often say or think things like “I just need to get away.” Marcus Aurelius advises that there is no need to physically go away when we have the capacity to retreat into our own minds. The caveat here is to have a healthy mind within which to retreat. Don’t dwell keep reading…

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  • Wake up and do what is in your nature

    Stoic Week 2015 Day 2. Today’s theme is control. The quote is a shortened excerpt from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, in which he discusses framing your mind as you wake. We are humans, born to do human things; so instead of laying in bed, cuddled up—especially on chilly Fall mornings like here in Halifax, NS—consider that you keep reading…

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  • Endure and Renounce

    Stoic Week 2015 Day 1. Life. I found one of the short quotes of Epictetus provided in the handbook to carry a lot of power. Endure and renounce. I take this to mean, have the courage to bear anything that is good and the self discipline to avoid or decline anything that is bad. Share your thoughts on this keep reading…

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  • Stoic Week 2015 — Get Your Stoic On

    For the fourth year running, the team at Stoicism Today is putting together Stoic Week. Running from November 2–November 8, this year’s event promises to focus on the meditations of Marcus Aurelius; perhaps the most famous practicing Stoic in history. Stoic Week is an online course, community and handbook that introduces participants to the foundations of keep reading…

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  • Review: A Little History of Philosophy

    In A Little History of Philosophy British philosopher Nigel Warburton summarizes, quite succinctly, the history of Western Philosophy. The book is divided into 40 easy to read and digest chapters covering the major figures and ideas in the history of Western philosophy to present day.

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  • A Mindfulness Training Regime

    Consistency is key, and falling out of practice with stoic exercises has the same effect on my mental state that skipping the gym has on my body. To truly see the effectiveness of being mindful recording and analyzing data is essential—the scientific method for self improvement.

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  • Danse Macabre

    ‘Tis the season. I loved Halloween as a kid. Costumes, candy and staying up later than usual—what’s not to like? As a parent it’s become fun for different reasons. Just yesterday Lucas said to me “Dad, why can’t I see ghosts? I want to see ghosts because I like them.”

  • Stoicism in a nutshell

    Stoicism is an ancient philosophy from 3rd century Athens, Greece. Founded by Zeno of Citium, Stoicism was influenced by Socrates, who has been viewed of as the ideal Sage by Stoics everywhere. Stoicism is a philosophy for life that supposes the primary goal of life is to live in accordance with nature—which is to be keep reading…