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  • It Takes a Village

    Criticizing strangers or receiving criticism from strangers about parenting in public may make some squirm; but it seems that may just be conditioning from North American culture.

    Parenting Reflection
  • Stoic Week 2015 Review

    Three years of Stoic Week. For three years I’ve witnessed the stoic community grow and the team at Stoicism Today improve Stoic Week. The following is a recap of my personal Stoic Week 2015 and observations of my results over the years.

    Personal Reflection Stoic Week
  • A Mindfulness Training Regime

    Consistency is key, and falling out of practice with stoic exercises has the same effect on my mental state that skipping the gym has on my body. To truly see the effectiveness of being mindful recording and analyzing data is essential—the scientific method for self improvement.

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  • Danse Macabre

    ‘Tis the season. I loved Halloween as a kid. Costumes, candy and staying up later than usual—what’s not to like? As a parent it’s become fun for different reasons. Just yesterday Lucas said to me “Dad, why can’t I see ghosts? I want to see ghosts because I like them.”

  • Tempered Temper

    Hot blooded, short fuse or simply a bad temper. Bad tempers runs in my family; my dad has a penchant for cursing up a storm when doing renovations and something goes awry. One of my sisters and I have the same temper. My kids get visibly angry and aggressive when upset, as opposed to simply keep reading…

    Personal Reflection
  • Stoic Week in Review

    Stoic Week was a weeklong exercise in practicing Stoicism with structure provided by the Stoic Week Handbook. There were questionaires before and after; with the goal of quantitatively measuring the effectiveness of Stoicism. I’m not privy to exactly how that works , but I recorded my own results and am going to interpret them here. keep reading…