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  • Parenting Resources for Stoics

    Donald Robertson has compiled a useful list of articles and resources for Stoic parents on his site. Shameless self-promotion aside, as I’m on the list in a couple spots, the rest of the links are excellent. It’s nice to see an increase in interest in approaching parenting with Stoic attitudes. From personal experience, when I keep reading…

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  • Stoic Week 2015 — Get Your Stoic On

    For the fourth year running, the team at Stoicism Today is putting together Stoic Week. Running from November 2–November 8, this year’s event promises to focus on the meditations of Marcus Aurelius; perhaps the most famous practicing Stoic in history. Stoic Week is an online course, community and handbook that introduces participants to the foundations of keep reading…

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  • Review: A Little History of Philosophy

    In A Little History of Philosophy British philosopher Nigel Warburton summarizes, quite succinctly, the history of Western Philosophy. The book is divided into 40 easy to read and digest chapters covering the major figures and ideas in the history of Western philosophy to present day.

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  • A Mindfulness Training Regime

    Consistency is key, and falling out of practice with stoic exercises has the same effect on my mental state that skipping the gym has on my body. To truly see the effectiveness of being mindful recording and analyzing data is essential—the scientific method for self improvement.

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  • Philosophy of Toddlers

    I’m trying to apply what I’ve learned already of Stoicsim to the task of raising my kids. More specifically, right now I just want to make life easier for my wife and myself—dealing with irrational and emotional toddlers. I think I’ve got some of it, but I expect this topic is in a constant state keep reading…

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  • Preparing for Stoic Week 2013

    Stoic Week 2013 starts tomorrow; which is my first. I did the pre-stoic week questionnaires and have read the handbook and it sounds very interesting. It seems the organizers are trying to quantify the effectiveness of Stoicism for living a good life, so I’m on board with that. I found—as I tried to read the keep reading…

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  • Review: A Guide to the Good Life

    In A Guide to the Good Life, William B. Irvine introduces the philosophy of life called Stoicism in a very approachable, clear and organized way. This book fuels my quest to be stoic and is the primary source of all my knowledge—for now.

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