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  • Stoic Week 2015 Review

    Three years of Stoic Week. For three years I’ve witnessed the stoic community grow and the team at Stoicism Today improve Stoic Week. The following is a recap of my personal Stoic Week 2015 and observations of my results over the years.

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  • Stoic Week 2015 — Get Your Stoic On

    For the fourth year running, the team at Stoicism Today is putting together Stoic Week. Running from November 2–November 8, this year’s event promises to focus on the meditations of Marcus Aurelius; perhaps the most famous practicing Stoic in history. Stoic Week is an online course, community and handbook that introduces participants to the foundations of keep reading…

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  • Tempered Temper

    Hot blooded, short fuse or simply a bad temper. Bad tempers runs in my family; my dad has a penchant for cursing up a storm when doing renovations and something goes awry. One of my sisters and I have the same temper. My kids get visibly angry and aggressive when upset, as opposed to simply keep reading…

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  • Control & Conflicting Duties

    Today was a pretty poor start to Stoic Week for me. I had a few moments at work where I let myself get frustrated at clients and things outside my control. Don’t demand that things happen as you wish, but wish that they happen as they do happen, and you will go on well. Epictetus, keep reading…

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  • Preparing for Stoic Week 2013

    Stoic Week 2013 starts tomorrow; which is my first. I did the pre-stoic week questionnaires and have read the handbook and it sounds very interesting. It seems the organizers are trying to quantify the effectiveness of Stoicism for living a good life, so I’m on board with that. I found—as I tried to read the keep reading…

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  • Modern Duty

    Duty, from the broad stoic definition, I think, can be made more specific to the individual. Outside of the basic stoic duty of living in accordance with nature—whatever that actually meant tothe  Greek and Roman Stoics of the past—I believe that through analyzing my desires and motivations over the last few weeks I’ve been able to keep reading…

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  • Fighting the desire for fame and fortune

    I became a designer for many reasons—a love of graphics and visuals, a natural attention to detail, interest in order hierarchy and organization. Recently, while thinking about the stoic view of fame and fortune, I began to think one of the underlying reasons I was drawn to design was to satisfy a desire somewhere inside keep reading…

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  • Getting Debt Free The Stoic Way

    I got a letter in the mail congratulating me on completely repaying my loan. We still have one more student loan left, but we are very close to getting debt free (not including mortgage)—about two years early of our five year plan. In hindsight, our path to debt reduction was actually quite stoic. We have keep reading…

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