• Parenting Resources for Stoics

    Donald Robertson has compiled a useful list of articles and resources for Stoic parents on his site. Shameless self-promotion aside, as I’m on the list in a couple spots, the rest of the links are excellent. It’s nice to see an increase in interest in approaching parenting with Stoic attitudes. From personal experience, when I keep reading…

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  • It Takes a Village

    Criticizing strangers or receiving criticism from strangers about parenting in public may make some squirm; but it seems that may just be conditioning from North American culture.

    Parenting Reflection
  • Ted Talk: Grit and Success

    In this Ted talk Angela Lee Duckworth discusses her  journey to discovering that the key to success is grit. Grit, as Duckworth puts it, is the passion and perseverance for long term goals.

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  • Remember thou must die

    Another maxim pulled from the 2015 Stoic Week Handbook, this quote is associated with Epictetus and I find it serves two purposes for me. It reminds me of the natural inevitability of death, which helps me not fear it. It also reminds me to make the best use of the life I have by living it purposefully.

  • Stoic Week 2015 Review

    Three years of Stoic Week. For three years I’ve witnessed the stoic community grow and the team at Stoicism Today improve Stoic Week. The following is a recap of my personal Stoic Week 2015 and observations of my results over the years.

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  • Get Good From Within

    Epictetus reminds us that, like most things of virtue, good can only come from within. I take this to mean if we rely on the actions of others to bring “good” into our lives than we may be disappointed; we are not in control of their thoughts or actions.

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  • Survey the circling stars

    Stoic Week 2015 Day 7. Nature. For this seventh and final day of Stoic Week 2015 the theme is Nature. I find this topic the most open to interpretation within Stoicism; it’s a fairly vague term that means different things to different people. I have grown to accept it to mean everything. Nature is the universe, God, gods, keep reading…

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  • Be cheerful under all circumstances

    Stoic Week 2015 Day 6. Resilience. From Marcus we get some more wisdom to strive for. Easier said than done, as I find most Stoic maxims, but I interpret “be cheerful under all circumstances including illness” to not just be about putting on a brave face, but genuinely accepting that so much that happens in life is up keep reading…

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  • It seemed right to them

    Stoic Week 2015 Day 5. Relationships. Another nugget from Epictetus; succinctly stating that others act based on their perception of what is right and wrong, and that may differ from ours. This is a nice maxim to consider when you feel annoyed, irritated or angry at others for something they’ve done. We should remind ourselves that when we are “wronged” keep reading…

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  • Resist and the vice weakens

    Stoic Week 2015 Day 4. Virtue. In Epictetus’ quote for today’s theme of virtue, I chose to highlight this particular excerpt because it’s important to remember that the small positive actions we take daily are significant. They keep us moving forward, and though resisting eating my kids’ Halloween candy isn’t worthy of awards or praise, it is still keep reading…

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