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  • Parenting Resources for Stoics

    Donald Robertson has compiled a useful list of articles and resources for Stoic parents on his site. Shameless self-promotion aside, as I’m on the list in a couple spots, the rest of the links are excellent. It’s nice to see an increase in interest in approaching parenting with Stoic attitudes. From personal experience, when I keep reading…

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  • It Takes a Village

    Criticizing strangers or receiving criticism from strangers about parenting in public may make some squirm; but it seems that may just be conditioning from North American culture.

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  • Ted Talk: Grit and Success

    In this Ted talk Angela Lee Duckworth discusses her  journey to discovering that the key to success is grit. Grit, as Duckworth puts it, is the passion and perseverance for long term goals.

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  • Philosophy of Toddlers

    I’m trying to apply what I’ve learned already of Stoicsim to the task of raising my kids. More specifically, right now I just want to make life easier for my wife and myself—dealing with irrational and emotional toddlers. I think I’ve got some of it, but I expect this topic is in a constant state keep reading…

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  • Modern Duty

    Duty, from the broad stoic definition, I think, can be made more specific to the individual. Outside of the basic stoic duty of living in accordance with nature—whatever that actually meant tothe  Greek and Roman Stoics of the past—I believe that through analyzing my desires and motivations over the last few weeks I’ve been able to keep reading…

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